Truck Check In

Truck Check In

Simple Check In & Out for yard management

Self Check In

Incoming trucks can check in from their cab using the simple online check in form. Just post the QR code near the gate or give them a link and they can use their cell phone to register the visit.

Who's in the Yard?

Computer displays show the status of trucks coming and going. The whole business can keep up to date on the status of every truck. One click buttons update the status of each truck.

Long Term Reporting

Canned reports can give historical data and statistics like load times, hourly statistics, when trucks arrived and left and contact info for each truck. Export the data Excel.

Mobile Check In feature

Sign in page for Truck Check In mobile app. Sign in from your mobile device using Truck Check In.

Collect Visitor Information

With an easy mobile form, drivers enter their name, company, phone and truck information to be tracked in and out of the yard. The form remembers their information making it easy for repeat visits.

Set Reasons for visit

When trucks arrive they can signin using a cell phone right from the cab. With the information they enter, you can present a predefined list of reasons for visit. This allows everyone on the facility to know why they came and it helps with management reporting and statistics.

SMS Texting

With text messaging, staff can send messages to the driver like 'Proceed to bay 2'.

Live Tracking

With the live displays, staff can easily see who is in the yard and their status. Loading staff can look at incoming trucks to direct them. Load and unload times are tracked to report and manage efficiency.

Organized Desktop List

Staff can use this view to acknowledge and organize drivers as they arrive
Truck Check In makes it easy to manage the yard into a check list style display.
All your trucks in one checklist
As drivers arrive their information is sent to the live displays, a checklist for the entire staff to see who's in, who's next and who's helping who. When staff click acknowledge, it time stamps the entry and adds the staff name that marked the point. When the last point is clicked, Check Out, the entry is removed from the active list. The entry is stored for long term reporting and documentation.

Call drivers in using
text message

Optionally, you can add a feature to call customers in by way of SMS Text message. This feature is a part of the standard displays. One click and a canned message is sent to the driver asking them to come in.

"Proceed to Bay 5"

Use the parking lot for waiting area

Allow drivers to remain in the truck until called by text message.

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